We provide comprehensive sales and services of all kind of hardware for computers, servers and peripherals. As a dealer we offer a wide range of branded and OEM products.


We believe in educating our client of the benefits and importance of using licensed software. Therefore we have and are able to source for any kind of software for all Operating Systems, Applications, Databases, Tools and Utilities.


We provide support ranging from phone, fax, email onsite and remote access via dial in or ip based. We have pack ages to cater for 24 x 7, standard working hours, warranty, extended warranty or any customized support needed by our client. Our strength is we provide an ease of mind to our clients by providing complete solutions.


Our strength is in designing various types of networks whether wired or wireless. We also design hybrid networks to optimize your investment & productivity. We have vast experience in all types of cabling fiber, co-axial cable or frequency based. Our exposure to various networking brands and equipments from IT Racks,server management products, firewalls, routers, switches, hubs, broadband connectivity, print servers, KVM consoles, UPS, virus management and network operating systems for Microsoft Servers and including Linux.


As an when necessary we do provide our clients with software development for interfaces to various applications or developing applications customized to their needs.


Benefits of virtual model technology

  • 3D Model with full dynamic lighting and day and night cycles (can watch as the sun rises over your property)
  • Ability to move any fittings and placements to achieve your preferred layout
  • Render your home or property in any finishing’s,colours and furnishings as you see fit
  • Ability to walk through your finished project and inspect every aspect of your build
  • Allows you to change ‘on the fly’ to your exact specification
  • Extreme sense of realism and immersion



How it works for you

  • Quick and easy customer engagement
  • Can create your design from architectural plans or from measurements made on-site
  • You are kept engaged through the entire process of the project
  • Allows you to change any aspect of your design at any time through the design process, even after it completes